Do you want your premium personalized kitchen renovation with all of the latest features, innovations and finishes?

Are you looking for a premium quality kitchen? Do you want your new kitchen to boast all of the latest features, innovations and finishes? Are you afraid of experiencing the common pitfalls of any kitchen renovation? We manage your kitchen remodel to avoid exorbitant and growing budgets. Our expert team removes the stress and inconvenience of forever expanding timelines. Similarly you will not have an array of tradespeople coming and going in and out of your home. Our designers are here to help and guide you through the myriad of finishing and design choices. They will offer kitchen ideas that will bring your new kitchen design to life!

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At renovateme!, we provide our clients with an integrated design/build service. Our process is from concept to completion where your dream kitchen can become a reality.

Why choose renovateme! for your kitchen renovation?

We collaborate with you from start to finish. Together we create a fully functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing kitchen masterpiece. You will be proud of and enjoy your new kitchen for many years to come.

Our integrated approach to our kitchen renovations includes our commitment to create budget-friendly, time-sensitive and fuss-free kitchen renovation. We never compromise on quality, substance, practicality or style.

This integrated design/build strategy allows us to provide a personalized kitchen renovation experience. Consequently all sub-trades and renovateme! team members work seamlessly and consistently communicating, coordinating and following through on each aspect of the renovation.

Stylish Kitchen Renovation - renovate me! West Vancouver, North Vancouver

In conclusion, this streamlined kitchen renovation process reduces the stress and inconvenience to you.

It was a pleasure to have Mike and George working in my home. Their range of expertise is so impressive, and the workmanship outstanding. They had useful suggestions for decisions to be made, and when issues unrelated to their assigned task was noticed, they were also remedied. I felt listened to, my wishes were met, and any concerns addressed. I had total confidence that all aspects of the project could be handled by this full-service team, and I am thrilled with my "new" home!


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What can we do for your kitchen?

We can improve, reconfigure and remodel outdated kitchens with the following:

  • supply and installation of all new materials & finishes. This includes kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, door and drawer pulls, fixtures and finishings
  • update lighting, wall colourings, appliances, electrical and plumbing to reveal impact kitchen renovations
  • small kitchen renovation: we can improve the flow and functionality of your small kitchen. Your kitchen remodel can include improved storage and work surface options, and durable and practical materials
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Are you looking to create the perfect kitchen backdrop? Do you want to delight in your own culinary exploits in a beautiful modern kitchen? Kindly contact us today with any questions or to arrange a consultation. Our team is pleased to work with any budget and time frame.

Call us today at: 604.761.2421 or email at:

We recently downsized into a small older condominium. We can’t really say we had a kitchen. It lacked everything i.e. full-size appliances, cupboards, storage, style etc. We knew basically what we wanted but where do we begin and would it be possible in this tiny area. The hall and bathroom floors needed re-doing as well. Fortunately we were referred to renovateme!

After meeting with Mike and George and then Despina and Athena they quickly came up with plans and suggestions as well as brought along all the samples for us to choose from so we didn’t even have to leave home. They managed to re-construct that small area into a full size kitchen with all the bells and whistles. It totally exceeded all our expectations. We are still in awe. It was a tough job in so many ways but they had the professionalism and expertise to bring it all together. We are so pleased to have had them do the renovations for us and have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Mike and his team.

Thank You!


Client followup 3 years later -

The renovateme! team outdid themselves with our kitchen make-over.  There isn't a day goes by when we don't marvel at how they literally created, out of a very tiny space, a beautiful and functional kitchen.  

Our kitchen is now a little over three years old and it still looks brand new.  The tiles and the countertops shine as bright as they did when we had the big "reveal".  The drawers glide in an out smoothly, the Lazy Susan still turns effortlessly and the cupboard doors all open and close as they should.  Plus the surprise indirect lighting still beams brightly. All a testament to the excellent workmanship that you can expect from renovateme!

Thanks Mike, George, Athena & Despina for your guidance and expertise in making our kitchen such a jewel and we wouldn't change a thing.


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Before Kitchen Renovation

Commonly asked kitchen renovation questions

What kitchen cabinets should I expect to be incorporated in my new kitchen design?

We supply and install kitchen cabinetry that carry a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty with original Blum soft-closing drawer rails and door hinges. Our cabinets offer a variety of design, finish and colour door and drawer front alternatives and provide countless opportunities for customization of cabinetry and interiors.

What kitchen cabinet options should I consider?

In lieu of traditional cabinets with shelves and doors, install ones with full extension drawers instead – never lose another pot, pan or can again! In addition, we offer a “drawer within a drawer” feature.

Floor to ceiling pantry cabinets with numerous combinations of pull-out drawers are easy to fill, clean & empty, making your food storage organization attainable and easily manageable.

15″ deep x 30″ high upper cabinets to accommodate larger dinner plates, platters & casserole dishes. As an alternative, 40″ extended height cabinets can be used for an elongated visual. Cabinet Extra ideas  - Kitchen renovation

What countertops do you recommend for my kitchen remodel?

We suggest hard surface countertops. Quartz counters in 2cm, 3cm or double edge 4cm slabs are most preferred as they are non-porous and resist staining, do not require sealing, are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified food safe and are man-made consisting of 93% quartz & 7% proprietary colouring and resins. They offer colour and pattern consistency for a uniform aesthetic. Granite or marble countertops are also available.

What backsplash materials do you suggest?

Backsplashes can be finished in marble, glass, stone, metal or ceramic in various shapes and combinations. Full slab quartz to match the counters can also be installed for seamless flow.
When selecting your kitchen backsplash material, consider the level of maintenance and upkeep that you are comfortable with.
For instance, if you desire a low-fuss and durable option, stay away from marble and rather opt for easy to clean and maintain large format porcelain tile with minimal grout joints instead.
This is the most cost effective way to achieve a full stone slab look without the extra expense and extensive maintenance.
Also, determine what you find aesthetically pleasing – let that decision guide your choices. Is your preference a busy and intricate backsplash with visual interest, or the seamless look of large format tile or slab? Backsplash Kitchen Renovations

Should I consider lighting as a priority in my kitchen redesign?

Overhead lighting is a very important and often overlooked component when renovating a kitchen. A combination of overhead lighting such as a central light fixture, pendant light fixtures over an island or peninsula and perimeter recessed LED pot lights offer great sources of light. In addition, remote controlled dimmable flush mount linear LED under cabinet lighting provides crisp and bright lighting. Propel your kitchen to the next level by adding LED strip lighting to illuminate your drawers which automatically turn on or off as you open or close the drawer.

What are suitable flooring options for my kitchen?

Porcelain tile is the most durable and is highly recommended in a “hard-working” kitchen; however, in open-plan situations where the kitchen shares space with the living/dining areas, it is most desirable to have a continuous flow of flooring finishes – good quality laminate, luxury vinyl plank, engineered or solid hardwood would be an excellent choice.

My kitchen is small and isolated from the rest of my house. What can I do to remedy this?

To create an open-plan living space more conducive to today’s interactive and busy lifestyle, why not incorporate an expanded footprint into your dream kitchen renovation? By removing walls, an enclosed kitchen can be expanded to create an open plan family friendly space. As homes shrink in size, in condominiums and options suitable for downsizing, or in older homes with more rigidly defined floorplans, the removal of adjoining walls helps to create a single sight line and the feeling of an abundance of space.

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