As a part of renovateme!’s integrated home renovation service, our in-house design team is tasked with interpreting our clients’ requirements and wish lists to create cohesive, practical and functional (and beautiful) spaces.  To guarantee a final transformation that your family can be proud of and enjoy for years to come, our team directs a seamless process from the initial design phase, through construction, to the eventual project reveal.  Through space planning, making recommendations on design elements, fixtures, fittings, and finishes (brought directly to you) and integrating your proposed remodel into your existing home, your renovation is professionally coordinated from start to finish!

renovateme home renovations north vancouverrenovateme home renovations north vancouver


Our team will work step-by-step with you through the design process beginning with an evaluation of your preferences and resulting in the preparation of a scope of work necessary to create the renovation of your dreams.  Subsequently, materials, fittings and finishes are curated and individually selected with these parameters in mind and presented to you for discussion and approval.  From cabinetry, countertops, tile, door pulls/hardware, fixtures and fittings, flooring, lighting to wall colours/coverings, all are sourced for your consideration.    

As a client, you will enjoy being able to make selections from quality, durable and stylish products brought to your home without having the stress of traveling to numerous separate showrooms in order to find just the right pieces for your project, while taking advantage of years of experience, accumulated know-how and established vendor relationships.  The overwhelming process of multiple trips to showroom floors and hours pouring over countless design options is removed and instead replaced with an at-home discussion of materials, finishes and furnishings professionally selected and procured just for you! 

renovateme home renovations north vancouverrenovateme home renovations north vancouver


Through the construction phase we are on hand to coordinate and collaborate to ensure that your design plan is implemented as proposed.  We work alongside our construction team to ensure that any problems or concerns that arise are resolved quickly and with little or no interruption to the project’s timeline or budget.  This collaboration is priceless and one of the many advantages of our in-house, fully integrated approach to home renovations.

To each renovation, we bring a keen eye for detail and a genuine love of all things design and construction.  We combine pieces with the perfect blend of timeless elegance, warmth and everyday practicality to create home renovation masterpieces each and every time!

renovateme home renovations north vancouver renovateme home renovations north vancouver

Our team is pleased to work with any budget and time frame. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to arrange a consultation.

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