Why choose an integrated design/build company?

At renovateme! design and construction, we pride ourselves on being a local, family-owned and operated design/build company. We provide our clients with a fully integrated home renovation service from concept to completion. This integrated design/build strategy is central to our team’s success. Working as a family drives our ability to deliver time-sensitive, budget-friendly and fuss-free home renovation experiences of the finest order. Below we highlight the advantages of this coordinated strategy. Here’s why you should entrust your next home renovation project to renovateme!

First, this fully integrated approach allows your renovation to be professionally coordinated from start to finish. Our team will direct a seamless process from the initial design phase through construction to the eventual project reveal. Our design team will work step-by-step with you through the design process. Beginning with an evaluation of your preferences and resulting in the articulation of a scope of work, our team will coordinate and manage the renovation of your dreams.

The greatest benefit of working with a company like renovateme! is the ability to collaborate with the same people from start to finish. Furthermore, you will enjoy the added peace of mind of never having a revolving door of trades coming through your home – we manage and direct all trades on your behalf. More importantly, having those responsible for the estimating, planning, design, construction and finishing of your renovation be able to seamlessly and consistently communicate, harmoniously coordinate and effectively follow through on each detail of the renovation process is priceless. Consequently, by work’s end, a relationship and trust are built, so much so, that we are confident that we will collaborate again in the future.

Second, design and construction teams are on hand throughout your renovation to articulate your design plan and execute your proposed scope of work. Teams are able to coordinate and collaborate to provide you with a streamlined renovation that is consequently less stressful and hectic. Any onsite problems are resolved without hesitation with little or no interruption to your project’s timeline.

Finally, materials, fittings, finishes and furnishings are individually curated for your project and are brought to your home for discussion and approval – no need for you to travel to numerous showrooms across the city. As a client, you will enjoy being able to make selections from quality, durable and stylish products. From cabinetry, countertops, tile, door pulls/hardware, fixtures and fittings, lighting and flooring to wall colours/coverings, all are researched, and sourced for your consideration.

Our years of hands on construction, design and styling savvy, and acumen for on-site troubleshooting, innovation and problem solving are reflected in every aspect of the renovation process. Combined with a genuine love of all things design and construction and a quest for “knowing how things work,” our team blends extensive experience and know-how with youthful energy, fresh construction perspective and passion to create successful home renovations time after time!

So, if peace of mind is important to you, and a quality and coordinated renovation is your objective, then give renovateme! a call or click here.


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