Mirror mirror on the wall…I’m the prettiest bathroom of them all!

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Mirror mirror on the wall…I’m the prettiest bathroom of them all! Mirror mirror on the wall – how did I become the prettiest of them all? 8 steps to creating the bathroom of your dreams.

bathroom renovation north vancouver

If the old adage “home is where the heart is” rings true, then it stands to reason that each time you enter its bathrooms your heart should flutter a little, skip a beat really.  The goal of any home improvement project, and a bathroom renovation in particular, is to create spaces that are uniquely representative of those who use and enjoy them. They should exude warmth and relaxation at every turn and offer refuge from the stresses of the day. Consider these tips from a recent renovateme! renovation when designing the (prettiest) bathroom of them all – yours!


Include a functional and elegant bathroom vanity for your next bathroom redesign. A fresh white wood finish vanity, complete with full extension soft-closing drawers and doors for easy access to and storage of product, product and more product, graces this bathroom transformation. Combined with a fuss free, stain resistant and low maintenance toffee quartz counter, dual porcelain undermount sinks and contemporary single column faucets, these bathroom design choices will deliver on both practicality and style. All are simple to clean and maintain and pack a visual punch of understated opulence – why not try some of these design ideas in your own bathroom renovation?

Walk-in Shower

A curbless walk-in shower showcasing a Schluter inline stainless steel drain, frameless 10mm thick tempered glass enclosure, sans the traditional door, and tiled niche to house and display product adds immediate luxury and interest. A wall-mounted rain showerhead and rail-mounted 3 jet hand held wand are value-added alternatives that can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Hidden Protection

Schluter waterproofing and decoupling membranes can be incorporated throughout to protect your shower walls & floors in addition to the entire bathroom’s floors. This layer of hidden (and valuable) protection is included below the bathroom’s tiled surfaces to prevent potential water damage, mold and tile delamination.

Freestanding Bathtub

For a touch of whimsy, consider introducing a freestanding Maax bathtub resting on a bed of flat ground tumbled toasted biscuit coloured river pebbles. This truly regal addition subtly contrasts the earthy, nature inspired aesthetic reflected throughout this illustration’s design plan. This freestanding bathtub brings elegance and timeless charm to this bathroom renovation and can easily bring the same to yours. 


A multitude of tile choices in a variety of shapes and sizes, but of a similar colour story, can be effortlessly incorporated throughout your bathroom redesign to create visual and textural interest. This illustration’s shower floor is dressed in the tub’s pebble accent, while the remaining bathroom floor boasts 6″ x 36″ Italian driftwood inspired porcelain. The walls surrounding the shower and tub are clad in 12” x 24” polished porcelain and a marble/glass mosaic trim – for design continuity, the trim’s translucent shimmer is continued as the vanity’s backsplash!


To maintain visual continuity and articulate a cohesive design plan, try a matching design and finish for all vanity, shower and bathtub hardware.  Ours are of a matching design with a polished chrome finish.


A mix of grounding & whimsical and earthy & glamorous finishings are detailed throughout the space to create a bathroom rich in charm and intricacy.  To add complexity and interest, consider incorporating a variety of finishes to your next bathroom remodel.


Add styling elements to your finished bathroom renovation. To reveal the bathroom oasis of your dreams have these elements reflect your personal taste!

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