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Love the look of marble, but crave a more durable and easy to maintain kitchen backsplash alternative?

Why not incorporate a porcelain tile into your kitchen design plan instead? Porcelain offers many advantages. First, it is readily available in numerous designs, shapes and colours. Second, it is an inexpensive alternative to marble. Porcelain does not need to be sealed initially or routinely like marble. It is far easier to maintain as it resists staining, is more moisture resistant and less porous than other tile varieties and stands up to wear. Consequently, it is a durable and cost effective selection for many home renovations. Consider porcelain tile for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, shower walls and tub surrounds, and flooring.

In our illustration, 2” x 6” polished faux Carrara marble porcelain in a herringbone design was selected as a complement to the off-white Shaker kitchen cabinets and “cookie dough” quartz countertops.

A bonus discussion on marble:

Marble’s opulent and timeless appeal is unrivaled. It can be included in various areas of your home. Available in a number of shapes, sizes and colours, marble can be used as a backsplash option, set on shower or bathtub walls, as a kitchen or vanity counter or as a flooring alternative. Although exquisitely beautiful and classically revered, marble does not come without its flaws. First, it is prone to staining, coloration and etching. It requires sealing to protect against excessive staining and etching. It is often soft and porous making it susceptible to liquid spills and foods or products with high acidity levels. It is not scratch resistant. Although it is fairly heat resistant, it is not advised to put hot plates or items directly on the stone. Also, be mindful when cutting on marble. Always use a board or surface protector. Second, marble can be very heavy and consequently needs to be correctly supported when installed in large slabs. An additional disadvantage of marble is its strength. Being a natural stone, weak points can exist along the veining of marble. As a result, it is important to adequately support marble if used in large slabs to mitigate stress points.

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