The benefits of a Walk-in Shower

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Including a walk-in shower in your next bathroom renovation creates the perfect opportunity to transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis that you will never want to leave!

They are fuss-free, simple to clean and maintain, spacious and easily accessible.

With their low curbs, frameless tempered glass enclosures, product niches for display and convenience, and tiled (or budget-friendly acrylic) shower bases, walk-in showers provide practicality, durability and timeless elegance!

Many outstanding options exist to customize your shower including incorporating ceiling or wall-mounted “rainfall” shower heads or a rail-mounted 3-way adjustable handheld shower wand. For added convenience and extravagance, both shower head options controlled by a dual shower valve can be installed. Additional upgrades include body jets, thermostatically controlled heated floors and valves, wall-mounted towel warmers and custom shower seats and pans.

Below the aesthetically pleasing finishes of a bathroom renovation, a hidden layer of protection exists. Often omitted, only to be regretted later, this protection guards against water penetration, water damage, mold growth and tile delamination. Correct and complete waterproofing is an integral step in preparing a well constructed shower. We incorporate Schluter products including preformed shower bases (which can be tiled for a non-slip surface) and Schluter-Kerdi membrane for waterproofing of shower walls and floors. In addition, Schluter-Ditra decoupling membrane can be installed over the plywood substrate to minimize floor tile movement and prevent grout from cracking.

Compromised mobility due to aging, sports injuries, health conditions or arthritis may be alleviated by converting from a conventional bathtub/shower combination to a spacious walk-in shower with a low profile curb. Strategically placed safety grab bars, and non-slip shower floors may aid in increasing accessibility and independence. As a further option, the shower can be built completely curbless with either a square stainless steel or an in-line drain, the latter which will allow for large format bathroom floor tiles to continue seamlessly into the shower. A curbless shower is made possible by waterproofing the entire bathroom floor.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss upgrading your bathroom to include a custom walk-in shower and its many benefits.

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