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A few of our favourite powder room compact bathroom renovation ideas.

Are you growing tired of your dated bathroom? Is your small bathroom lacking adequate storage, updated finishes and modern amenities? Are you unsure how to transform your bathroom into a dream bathroom oasis without expanding its existing footprint? Follow the compact bathroom renovation ideas below to unveil a bathroom remodel packed with practicality and style.

Compact bathroom renovation ideas needed!

Compact Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Compact vanity cabinet

In a tiny bathroom, carefully select the vanity you include in your renovated bathroom. Consider incorporating a compact yet fully functional bathroom vanity.

A wall-hung cabinet is a wonderful alternative to an impractical pedestal sink. Not only does it provide much needed storage, but also includes a work surface/countertop. Additionally, a wall mount floating vanity creates negative space under the cabinet giving the illusion of greater floor space. A floating vanity also offers the opportunity to include undercabinet lighting which provides an additional lighting source while further accentuating the illusion of a larger bathroom and improving the room feel.

A floor vanity can also be a practical alternative especially when combined with full extension drawers which allow for easy access to and storage of product, towels and grooming tools. If using a unit with traditional hinged doors, ensure that your plumbing is set neatly and as far back in the cabinet as possible to allow for extra storage space. A vanity in a light, white, off-white or even a muted grey flat or gloss finish adds a soft infusion of colour and timeless charm to any bathroom renovation – large or small.

Some Compact Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Custom walk-in shower

Does your compact footprint not allow enough space to accommodate both a bathtub and a shower? Consider a custom walk-in shower. Walk-in showers are a value-added addition to any bathroom renovation. Not only are walk-in showers easy to maintain and simple to clean, but they also provide practicality, durability and improved accessibility to any tiny bathroom renovation. They may include a number of shower head alternatives, handheld wands, seating and display niches as well as shower enclosure styles and options.


Reflective materials

In a small bathroom renovation select materials that are reflective. Consider a wood framed obscure glass door rather than a traditional bathroom door. These doors offer privacy while allowing for the flow of light in a smaller bathroom.

Incorporate a glass shower enclosure in either a fixed panel or a slider shower door in place of a traditional swing variety. Not only are these options reflective, they also diffuse natural light throughout a small room. In addition, being glass, they do not cut the room’s sightlines and consequently aid in visually expanding a compact bathroom. Further, both alternatives need less space to operate than a swing door and each provides improved accessibility for a shower makeover.

Include a mirror-on-mirror vanity mirror or a custom bevelled frameless option. Each alternative reflects light and also showcases the wonderful finishes and bathroom decor included in your design plan. In contrast, a framed mirror creates visual boundaries and limits sightlines.

Select accents like a translucent backsplash tile and shimmering wallpaper to add shine, texture and interest.

Compact Bathroom renovation

Monochromatic and calming colour palette

Looking for more compact bathroom renovation ideas? Consider using a monochromatic universal colour palette. An interior design with a monochromatic colour scheme does wonders for visually expanding a small space. It does not allow the eye to settle on one feature or recognize the visual boundaries of a room. Instead it draws the eye to transition from one corner to another with ease. Furthermore, an airy and fresh colour story has reflective qualities allowing light to subtly bounce through a tiny bathroom. In addition, a calming aesthetic exudes a sense of tranquility that most homeowners can appreciate at the end of a long day or when awakening to begin another. Warmth and serenity can be the order of the day in your guest bathroom remodel.

Classic & durable finishes

Include classic finishes and materials in your bathroom renovation that are durable and easy to maintain. Large format porcelain tile set with tight grout joints, as an example, is an excellent tile to consider in your bathroom makeover. Porcelain tile is non-porous, it does not require sealing, and can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water. Setting large format tiles with narrow grout joints reduces the grout area that can stain from soap scum, iron deposits in our water and mold buildup.

Quartz is a wonderful addition to consider for your next bathroom renovation. It is non-porous, stain resistant and does not need to be sealed. Its surface may be cleaned with warm water and soap or mild detergent. Consider quartz for vanity counters, shelves, window sills, shower seats or curbs.

Always include adequate waterproofing and ventilation in your bathroom renovation. Select waterproofing membranes like those offered from Schluter. Correct waterproofing helps to protect your renovated bathroom against water penetration, mold buildup and tile delamination.

Bathroom renovation - Before

Luxurious finishes

Just because your bathroom has a small footprint does not mean that it can not be filled with quality and luxurious finishes and materials. These finishes will have their greatest impact in a small space. Consider incorporating wonderful inclusions such as quartz shower seats, product storage and display niches and shelves. Marble and tile accents, wallpaper or tile features and glamorous fixtures in rich metals and opulent finishes are always a great idea in bathroom renovations.

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