Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Are you planning a bathroom renovation but find the existing small footprint of your compact bathroom a challenge? Unveil your dream guest bathroom, one that dazzles from corner to corner, and best of all, does not compromise on functionality and practical charm, without expanding its footprint! Incorporate our small bathroom ideas outlined below to see how.

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Wall-hung or floating vanity cabinet

In a small bathroom remodel, consider replacing an impractical pedestal sink with a wall-hung alternative. A floating bathroom vanity gives the illusion of abundant room because of the negative space it creates under the cabinet. For an added optical illusion, incorporate LED undercabinet lighting to illuminate the space present under the vanity. Best of all, bathroom wall-hung vanities offer great storage, especially when combined with full extension drawers which allow you to effortlessly see and access product in the back of your cabinet.

Monochromatic colour scheme

A monochromatic colour palette helps to create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom renovation. By unifying any design plan and not allowing visual boundaries for the eye to focus on, this technique helps to visually elongate a room with low ceilings, long narrow corridors or small compact work spaces. A fresh and well thought-out colour palette is the perfect design idea for an easy and inexpensive small bathroom remodel.

Classic finishes with fun punches of interest

Much like using a monochromatic colour scheme helps to create the illusion of more space, using timeless finishes in the renovation of a small bathroom has the same effect. Your eye is not stopped by any one particular element and effortlessly continues from corner to corner without focusing to process a jarring colour, product choice or finish. This visually enlarges a bathroom where the footprint can not be expanded. Add fun punches of interest, texture and colour with easy to change elements such as bathroom decor and accessories.

Barn door slider instead of a traditional swing door

A slider uses less space to operate than a hinged door. Consequently, when renovating a smaller bathroom, a smooth running traditional slider or barn door style is recommended over a swing door.  In a compact space, it allows for easier access in and out of the shower rather than stepping aside for the swing of a traditional door.

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Bathtub/shower combination

Do you not have the room for a separate tub and walk in shower? Include a tub/shower combo instead. Waterproof with products like Schluter Kerdi and finish with easy to maintain & clean and durable porcelain. This bathroom renovation idea brings versatility and practicality to any tiny bathroom remodel.

Find or create storage options wherever possible: niches, medicine cabinet, drawers, towel warmer

In a compact bathroom, smart and useable storage alternatives come at a premium. Adequate storage is one of the most important, and often times challenging, things to prioritize in a small bathroom renovation. Remedying a lack of useable storage is often the reason to undertake a bathroom remodel in the first place.

To mitigate a lack of storage, consider these small bathroom renovation ideas. Try building niches in shower or tub walls to display and store product. Create extra storage or display areas between interior wall studs.

Install a shallow mirrored medicine cabinet above your vanity instead of a traditional mirror to increase available storage options while not losing the functionality and aesthetic value of a vanity mirror (mirrors help to reflect light in a small space.)

Opt for full extension drawers instead of traditional hinged vanity doors. They allow for better access and storage of product, towels, and styling & grooming tools.

Adding a towel bar to your next bathroom renovation offers a bonus advantage. Not only does it provide you with warm and toasty post-bath or shower towels, shorten or eliminate dryer time, but it also provides an area to store and display extra towels.

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Lighting, lighting, lighting

Strategically position lighting throughout your small bathroom renovation. Think task & ambient lighting – consider wall sconces on either side of your vanity mirror for diffused, glare-free lighting to highlight the face.

Incorporate undercabinet lighting to illuminate the space under a floating vanity for the illusion of more space in your small bathroom remodel.

Fresh take on the traditional bathroom door

In your next bathroom renovation, consider using a wood framed obscure glass door. They offer privacy without eliminating the flow of light into a small bathroom. When space is limited, consider an externally mounted barn door alternative mounted on stainless steel or iron hardware.

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Enjoy the now, but plan for the future

Consider what your small space will be used for. As in this illustration, is it a second bathroom that must also serve as a powder room ready to welcome guests? This home’s second bathroom needed to serve dual purposes as a secondary bathroom option for the homeowners’ everyday needs, while still being fabulous and stylish enough to act as the home’s powder room. Select your finishes and material choices accordingly – think style & practicality. After all, bathroom design and renovations are not just to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, they serve to mitigate problems with function and layout too.

Add luxurious touches throughout

Even a small bathroom can be a retreat from the day’s cares – try adding touches of luxury to your design plan. Consider amenities such as under-floor heating connected to a programmable thermostat, a towel warmer connected to a programmable timer, and designer wallpaper, vanity light fixture, cabinet pulls & mirror.

small bathroom solutions contractor north vancouver
small bathroom design ideas contractor north vancouver
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