7 tips to help you prepare for a renovation

Are you thinking of a renovation? Below we outline 7 tips to consider when planning your next home renovation project.

Create a wishlist of wants:

Before commissioning any renovation, begin by asking yourself what you hope to achieve. Are your desired changes merely for aesthetic value? Are they to achieve a cosmetic upgrade to be more in keeping with current finishes and trends? Are you looking to address certain deficiencies in your home, or are you looking to mitigate layout concerns? Whether you aim to, for example, improve the functionality of flow or practicality of storage in your kitchen, increase your bathroom’s safety and accessibility by converting your bathtub to a shower, or remedy water damage or leaky windows, the scope of projects such as these can impact your renovation time frame and budget. Consequently, it is best to understand from the onset the implications of tackling each. This will allow you to prioritize your goals appropriately.

It is also prudent to spend some time researching your proposed home improvement projects. Certain renovations have greater returns on investment than others. As a result they can increase your home’s value by a larger amount. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are two of the most impactful equity builds you can invest in. Online resources exist to help you best determine which projects to invest in first.  In addition, an experienced general contractor can assist you in making these decisions. Contact renovateme! design and construction for assistance.  Our team’s integrated design/build strategy is central to delivering time-sensitive, budget-friendly and fuss-free home renovations.

Create a budget:

Once you have a renovation wishlist in hand, the next step is to set an amount that you are comfortable spending. By determining the maximum amount you have available to commit to home improvements, you can begin planning and subsequently executing your dream renovation. At this point, sources of financing should be discussed and a contingency of between 10 and 20% should be allowed for to help cover any unforeseen problems in the renovation process.

Understand what your budget can achieve:

Once you have ascertained both what you must and hope to tackle with a renovation and what your available funds for such projects are, it is prudent to determine how feasible your requirements are in relation to your budget. Depending on the scale and scope of your renovation goals it is recommended to at this point seek the advice of either an experienced and licensed general contractor and designer, or an integrated design/build company that in-house offers both conceptual design and hands-on construction services.  This combined experience, knowledge and guidance can certainly be priceless in understanding how to approach, plan for, and successfully implement any home renovation on time and within budget.

Prioritize your renovation goals based on your budget:

Once you have a better idea of what is feasible and realistic, the next step is to prioritize and finalize the areas and items that you wish to renovate. Once these parameters are established, your renovation dreams can soon become a reality – next up: plan your renovation, hire a firm to undertake your renovation and soon, enjoy the transformation!

Plan your renovation:

Renovations are as much about form and function as they are about style and aesthetic beauty. It is consequently paramount to thoughtfully and thoroughly plan your project down to the tiniest of details. Again, this is where the advice of a professional becomes invaluable. A contractor and designer, or even better an integrated design/build company, have years of know-how and experience in bringing renovations to fruition. They have the ability to foresee problems, mitigate them through troubleshooting and oversee the many variables that make up any renovation.  In addition, an integrated design/build company like renovateme! can assist you with all of the components of a successful renovation. These may include design, planning and obtaining permits, construction, coordination and management of sub trades, timelines and budgets, as well as interior styling and decorating. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with renovateme! is the ability to collaborate with the same people from start to finish – there is no revolving door of people coming through your home.  The aim is to minimize, and wherever possible, fully eliminate the disruptions and disturbances that are natural by-products of renovating.  More importantly, having those responsible for the estimating, planning, design, construction and finishing of your renovation be able to seamlessly and consistently communicate, harmoniously coordinate and effectively follow through on each detail of the renovation process is priceless.  The goal is to avoid passing undue stress and fuss onto you, the homeowner, while ensuring the project moves forward in an efficient and budget-conscious manner. 

It is important to fully understand and effectively communicate your renovation expectations at the onset as well as your likes and dislikes, tastes and aesthetic preferences so that a customized design and renovation plan can be established and then coordinated and executed.

Vet your contractor:

When deciding on which contractor, designer or contracting firm to work with for your project, take advantage of the site visit or home consultation that most companies encourage. These visits are designed to discuss your proposed renovations and to have the professional assist you in compartmentalizing and prioritizing your home improvement goals. Peruse the prospective company’s website, read their frequently asked questions page, read their testimonials and customer reviews and call references, if available. Articulate your ideas and vision and then embark on your renovation journey with confidence!

Relax and enjoy the process of creating something beautiful:

It is advised to remain engaged during your renovation – be present, ask questions and actively communicate concerns. As silly as it sounds, try to “embrace the mess” and the renovation process, because through the deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction of your home, and the individual spaces within it, you and your contracting firm are creating something beautiful and practical together!

So, whether you are looking to optimize the flow and versatility of your workspace, maximize storage to meet the needs of your family, increase equity with kitchen and bathroom renovations, create the ideal indoor or outdoor living space, or update the aesthetics, finishings or furnishings of your home, let our creativity, expertise, quality craftsmanship, vendor relationships and team of licensed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, drywallers, flooring installers and painters help turn your renovation vision into a reality. 

If peace of mind is important to you, and a quality and coordinated renovation is your objective, then give renovateme! a call or click here.

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