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Transform your small bathroom with these 5 bathroom renovation ideas:

Has your bathroom lost the “sparkle” it once had? Are you growing tired of your bathroom’s lack of storage, modern fixtures and fittings and practical amenities? Are you having trouble combining all new finishes with functional inclusions without changing your existing bathroom’s footprint? Follow along as we outline our favourite small bathroom renovation ideas. Transform your dated bathroom into a petite bathroom oasis in five easy steps.

Instantly update your compact bathroom with a vanity cabinet in a neutral finish complete with soft-close drawers & doors, engineered marble top, undermount sink & single post faucet. Without changing the existing footprint in a small bathroom, space is often at a premium. It is essential to utilize every available square foot to maximize on storage opportunities and counter space. Consequently, incorporate a vanity that includes a host of storage options and an abundance of storage capacity. Try to include an undermount sink. This sink choice delivers fuss-free and practical charm. With the stone counter of your vanity overlapping the sink edge, an undermount sink allows for easy cleanup and the reduction of water accumulation and bacteria and dirt buildup. In addition, it provides the best chance for extra counter space by avoiding unnecessarily cumbersome bowl or vessel sinks.

In a smaller bathroom, without room for a stand alone bathtub and walk-in shower, incorporate a combination tub/shower. This combination allows for the multi use of a small space. To elevate your bathroom remodel, include fabulous and practical amenities like polished engineered marble product storage & display shelves, and a custom glass slider. In a compact bathroom space, include a sliding shower enclosure. It allows for the most efficient use of limited space and for easier access in and out of the tub while avoiding the swing of a traditional hinged enclosure. Consider finishing your tub/shower surround in large format, neutral coloured porcelain tile set with tight grout lines. Easy to maintain and clean, this finishing option not only provides a unified visual, but also creates the appearance of abundant space and light. Furthermore, setting large format tiles with narrow grout joints reduces the grout area that can stain from soap scum, iron deposits in our water and mold buildup. Beautiful and practical – a win-win every time!

Before a small bathroom renovation and adding designer touches
After a small bathroom renovation and adding designer touches

Complete your bathroom renovation to transform your small bathroom with designer finishes. Don’t be afraid of including both subtle and bold finishes, ones that bring interest and texture, and that offer aesthetic and practical value to your bathroom makeover. Just because your bathroom is small does not mean that it has to be boring and cookie cutter! Grounding greys, calming whites, statuesque black and rich brushed golds combine to create a bathroom oasis for the ages! In a compact space, try a mirror on mirror vanity mirror which gives the feel of limitless space. Incorporate luxe metals and rich hues, coordinating towel fixtures & paper holder and a wonderful backsplash tile offering. Think practicality and aesthetic charm at every turn.

Include durable and classic materials and finishes in your next bathroom remodel. Try easy to maintain and clean porcelain tile for backsplashes and tub/shower surrounds. Select an aesthetically interesting and practical flooring option like a three-tone hexagonal porcelain tile – it’s both visually impactful and fuss-free! Consider engineered or man-made stones for their durability, colour and pattern consistency and ease of use. Incorporate fixtures that are multi-use and offer long-term longevity. Choose options that provide ample storage capacity and alternatives and that bring a renewed sense of calm and organization to your newly created bathroom sanctuary!

Beyond aesthetic improvements, renovations present the unique opportunity to improve upon the often overlooked and underappreciated elements that contribute to a successful bathroom makeover. Any existing issues such as water damage, wood rot or mold can be remedied. Sound waterproofing techniques and superior waterproofing products such as Schluter Kerdi or Redgard should be incorporated to protect your investment for years to come. In addition, “just to code” finishes can be improved upon.

Where required, Schluter Ditra crack isolation membranes can be placed over substrate prior to installing large format floor tile to prevent tile cracking or delamination, or disintegrating grout. Replace inadequate or sagging wall insulation with fibre glass or Rockwool ComfortBatt. This upgrade acts as a noise transfer measure and also to minimize heat loss particularly on exterior walls. Likewise, replace deteriorated vapour barrier. Ensure that plumbing pipes are secured or strapped to avoid knocking when turning on the water. This becomes more important with today’s use of pex pipes over traditional copper ones.

When you plan how to transform your small bathroom, avoid re-using dated, existing fixtures and components in your new renovation. The life span of these is already reduced and the likelihood of them failing is significantly greater as a result. Consider, for instance, commissioning a renovation and outlaying a substantial sum of money to complete it and having an older component fail shortly in the future. For example, an existing shower valve, if re-used, could begin leaking slowly in the wall cavity. This water permeation and subsequent damage would need to be remediated and result in all of the new remodelling work needing to be replaced. So, what is the take away here – do the job right, the first time! Big or small, your bathroom deserves to sparkle!

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