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it's time to renovate with renovateme design and construction

Are you thinking of undertaking a home renovation? Has a kitchen or bathroom remodel been on your dream wish list for some time now? Wait no more…it happens to be the perfect time to start planning your home, kitchen or bathroom renovation. Let’s give your home the fabulous makeover it deserves!

Follow along as we outline three of the most popular reasons to renovate chosen by homeowners. Further, we expand on these renovation motivators by illustrating each with a recent renovateme! home remodeling project.

Reason #1: to update finishes

This renovation aims to update, change or modernize fixtures, fittings and finishes. It may involve improving the cosmetic or aesthetic value of a kitchen or bathroom. A renovated kitchen or bathroom undertaken by renovateme! includes a thorough and practical redesign of your outdated space, complete with professionally curated materials.

Reasons to renovate #1 - update finishes (before)
Reasons to renovate #1 - update finishes (after - Renovateme!)

Consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets, for instance, with door and drawer combinations that can be reconfigured at a future date without any cabinet frame modification. These include doors and drawers equipped with European made soft closing hardware. Full extension drawers are available in 5”, 10” or 15” depths. These are wonderful storage alternatives to be added to any kitchen redesign where storage options and capacity are a must. They allow for increased accessibility and visibility of items. Furthermore, doors and drawer fronts can be substituted at a later time in case of damage or aesthetic preference change.

Reasons to renovate #1 - update finishes to a sleek modern look

When commissioning a bathroom renovation consider updating and improving the performance of older bathroom fixtures. Replace your existing toilet with a dual flush elongated version with soft close seat. Upgrade your faucets and bathtub/shower fixtures with WaterSense units which conserve water. LED fixtures are a logical alternative to regular incandescent lighting because they offer lower energy consumption and long life. Try incorporating an occupancy sensor switch to control bathroom lighting. Inspect and, if necessary, replace your ceiling fan with a more efficient and quieter model. Consider a high efficiency fan connected to a timer for an eco-friendly alternative. Additional cosmetic bathroom remodel ideas include conveniences such as a heated tile floor and heated towel bars. Adding a towel warmer to your next bathroom renovation offers a bonus advantage. Not only does it provide you with warm and toasty post-bath or shower towels, but it also shortens or eliminates dryer time. In a small bathroom, a towel warmer provides an additional area to store and display extra towels.

Green with Envy!” – kitchen renovation, kitchen renovation contractors Vancouver

The goal of this remodel was to transform a dark and tired kitchen into a light, bright and modern dream impact kitchen. Showcasing high-gloss white kitchen cabinets, matte black detailing, crisp faux marble large format porcelain backsplash and Calcutta marble like quartz, this kitchen makeover dazzles! No longer dated, the new kitchen design and aesthetic offer a timeless backdrop for any culinary exploit.

Reason #2: to remediate damage

This renovation aims to mitigate and repair existing damage to kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Renovations offer the unique opportunity to improve waterproofing and insulation or to remediate any previous water ingress and possible mold growth.

Reasons to renovate #2 - fix damage
Reasons to renovate #1 - remediate damage (after - RenovateMe!)

In a renovation of either a complete or partial “down to the studs” rebuild, any existing issues such as water damage, wood rot or mold can be remedied. In addition, “just to code” finishes can be improved upon. Try waterproofing with superior products such as Schluter Kerdi or Redgard. Where required, crack isolation membranes can be placed over substrate prior to installing large format tile to prevent tile cracking or delamination or disintegrating grout.

Reasons to renovate #2 - fix extensive mould damage

Depending on your kitchen’s or bathroom’s location in your home, consider improving exterior wall insulation or incorporating sound proofing for adjoining apartment walls. When renovating a kitchen or bathroom pay special attention to your sink cabinet or vanity. Water leaks and damage around and under the sink area are common. Additional problem areas include the rear and floor of the cabinet and possibly the drywall behind the cabinet. It is also advisable to replace old rubber seal shut off valves with new and durable quarter turn ball valves.

River Rock Retreat” – bathroom renovations North Vancouver

This ensuite bathroom renovation saw the remediation of previous water damage from ineffective and lacking waterproofing. The custom walk-in shower features waterproofed shower walls using Schluter-Kerdi and shower floor using a combination of Kerdi and Schluter-Ditra. Furthermore, the entire bathroom was treated as a wet area by installing Schluter waterproofing and decoupling membranes over the entirety of the bathroom’s floor. All rotted floor beams and plywood substrate were replaced accordingly. From its dual sink, quartz topped vanity to its custom curbless walk-in shower, free standing bathtub and fresh and warm aesthetic this bathroom renovation marvels!

Reason #3: to change layout

This renovation aims to optimize the layout of a kitchen or bathroom or to address other non-cosmetic concerns. These changes may include creating an open-plan kitchen by removing dividing walls, increasing storage and work surface alternatives with an extensive kitchen redesign, building a custom walk-in shower, or incorporating innovative bathroom design ideas to improve the functionality of a small bathroom.

Reasons to renovate #3 - improve the layout (before)
Reasons to renovate #3 - improve the layout (after - Renovateme!)

A good idea is to rethink compartmentalized spaces with narrow corridors and walled off designated rooms dedicated to a single purpose. By removing partitions or superfluous walls, it may be possible to realize the feel and convenience of integrated living. Why not take advantage of the illusion of greater living space, expanded sightlines and incorporated living that an open-plan, open concept configuration can offer? Consider creating an open-plan great room with adjoining kitchen during your next home renovation.

Consider replacing a cumbersome triangular bathtub with either a sleek free standing bathtub or a standard soaking tub. After all, large corner bathtubs require a disproportionate amount of your bathroom’s floor space and enormous amounts of water. The space reclaimed by removing a corner tub can be used to build a custom walk-in shower offering increased accessibility, ease and independence. Compromised mobility due to aging, sports injuries, health conditions or arthritis may be alleviated by converting from a conventional bathtub/shower combination to a spacious walk-in shower with a low profile curb. In addition, your shower can be built completely curbless to allow for wheelchair access.

Meet me at the beach” – kitchen renovation as a part of a home renovation, contractor for home renovation

This dream kitchen masterpiece was renovated to transform a previously small, isolated and outdated kitchen into a bright, open and well-appointed kitchen offering! Complete with additional storage, work surfaces and improved flow and function, this now open-plan kitchen delivers on practicality and stylistic charm. Integrated into the home’s living and dining areas and open to its breathtaking ocean views, this renovated space wows.

In addition to these 3 reasons to renovate your home, don’t forget that you could see a good return on your investment if you ever intend to sell your home.

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