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Our kitchen renovations include kitchen cabinets that are fully customizable with countless combinations of door styles and full extension drawers, to get the new kitchen of your dreams. Door and drawer fronts are available in a numerous styles and finishes in solid wood, engineered wood, raised panel, melamine veneer, acrylic and polyester paint. All door hinges and drawer rails are soft-closing and manufactured by Blum of Austria. The cabinets, doors, drawers and hardware carry a 25-year factory warranty.

Kitchen cabinets can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Base cabinets: are available in 24” and 15” deep and 30” high varieties. They can be configured with either doors or drawers or a combination of both. Where ever possible consider including full extension drawers in your kitchen renovation. These drawers allow for improved storage space because they encourage organization and increase accessibility by allowing you to reach items in the far rear of the cabinet. Drawers are available in 5”, 10”, and 15” high units and can be incorporated in any combination within the 30” high kitchen cabinet. As an additional feature, a 5” internal drawer may be installed inside of the 10” and 15” drawer options.
    For inaccessible areas, where storage is often times lost or certainly storage quality is not maximized, cabinets designed with Lazy Susans or pull-out units should be considered. Lazy Susans are units equipped with 2 circular adjustable rotating shelves. They are 24” deep and require a corner area measuring 38” in both directions to be installed. Pull out units are equipped with 2 adjustable shelves which can be pulled out of the kitchen cabinet to access items stored in the back of the cabinet. These units are 24” deep and require a corner space measuring 26” in one direction and 47” in the other.
  2. Upper cabinets: most upper kitchen wall cabinets are offered in 15” deep x 30” high. Extended height options are also available which allow for ceiling height installation. Corner kitchen wall cabinets with 45° angled fronts are an excellent way to continue your uppers from one wall to another. Horizontal cabinets with lift up doors are a wonderful alternative to traditional vertical cabinets. They can be sourced in 24”, 30” and 36” widths x 15” deep x 30” high. These cabinets provide an uncluttered look with their 2 lift up doors. All of the above kitchen cabinets can be fitted with glass doors and shelves for display and can be illuminated with LED lighting.
  3. Tall floor-to-ceiling cabinets are available in 24” and 15” deep units that can be configured for use as pantry cabinets, utility or storage units or to house built-in appliances.

With planning and our own kitchen design experts, storage options are countless in your new kitchen layout! Your dream kitchen remodel awaits its reveal, one cabinet at a time!

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