A discussion on…Open-plan kitchens



The obvious first and major advantage of open-plan kitchens is the achievement of more space – a larger, more spacious and consequently better functioning and organized “hub of your home.”

By opening your kitchen to adjoining rooms, you are able to link and unify your living spaces allowing for an integrated living and dining experience. This is perfect for entertaining friends, hosting great neighbourhood cookoffs or for enjoying the simple joys of family nights in.

With open-plan living, additional storage (i.e. full height pantry with extendable drawers, cabinets with drawers, corner cabinets with pull-out mechanisms) and work surfaces (i.e. peninsula, island, breakfast bar or serving buffet) can be seamlessly incorporated to increase the organization, flow and functionality of your home’s kitchen.

Aesthetically speaking, removing the walls of your kitchen, creates a single unobstructed, expanded sightline and the impression of bountiful space.



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