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The obvious first and major advantage of open-plan kitchens is the achievement of more space – a larger, more spacious and consequently better functioning and organized “hub of your home.”

By opening your kitchen to adjoining rooms, you are able to link and unify your living spaces allowing for an integrated living and dining experience. This is perfect for entertaining friends, hosting great neighbourhood cookoffs or for enjoying the simple joys of family nights in.

With an open-plan configuration, additional storage options and work surfaces can be seamlessly incorporated to improve the organization, flow and functionality of your home’s kitchen.

Consider investing in full height pantries with extendable drawers, kitchen cabinets with full-extension drawers rather than traditional swing doors, and corner cabinets with pull-out mechanisms. These storage choices not only offer additional storage options but also storage variety. Furthermore, they allow for storage capacity to be maximized and be at its most efficient. Otherwise unreachable or inaccessible spaces can now be practical and usable. This improvement is especially important in a compact kitchen where the existing footprint can not be altered to accommodate extra cabinets.

For your kitchen’s work surfaces, consider incorporating a peninsula, island, breakfast bar or serving buffet. These additions allow for valuable counter space to be maximized and to serve multiple purposes. For example, a generous island may contribute more benefit to your kitchen than just a great food prep area. It may also be a designated spot for homework or crafts and a serving area to host buffet dinners for family and friends alike.

Select an ideal counter surface material for your new open-plan kitchen by determining the activities you hope to enjoy in your renovated kitchen. Hard surface tops are recommended. Quartz, a man-made hard surface material, offers non-porous, hygienic, stain and scratch resistant counters. They are easy to care for and require very little maintenance. Furthermore, man-made quartz counters provide colour and pattern consistency. These qualities make quartz counters a wonderful and value-added addition to any kitchen remodel. They can withstand the wear and tear of any busy kitchen and provide the aesthetic appeal needed when opening a kitchen to a home’s other living and entertaining areas.

Removing the walls of your kitchen creates a single unobstructed, expanded sightline and the impression of bountiful space. If executed correctly with practical storage and work surface considerations, an open-plan kitchen configuration may unify your home’s floorplan and create a place conducive to today’s interactive and integrated lifestyle!

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