Now that’s a corner office, with a view!

Dundarave, West Vancouver
Home Renovations

This phenomenal home renovation saw the remodelling of an enclosed balcony to create a wonderful den or home office - a welcome addition of extra square footage in a compact condo!

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Nominated as a finalist in the 2018 GVHBA Ovation Awards in the categories “Best Townhouse/Condominium Renovation: Under $300,000,“ “Best Renovation: Under $200,000,” and “Best Bathroom Renovation: Under $35,000”

Project Highlights

To begin this fabulous and practical enclosed balcony transformation, the concrete balcony floor was framed, capped with plywood and levelled to match the height of the existing living room floor. It was also insulated with Rockwool. European-made AC5 12mm laminate was installed to continue the flooring selection from the home’s interior. The balcony’s glass railing and concrete walls below the windows are framed and insulated. This welcome addition to the home’s compact footprint stands ready to serve as a hobby room, den or home office. With a view like this one, hours of endless paperwork doesn’t seem so bad anymore!




Before renovateme!

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