What happens at the beach, stays at the beach! Bring a little beach love “home” with you!

Have you ever longed to bring the magic of the ocean home with you? Whether you are blessed to live at the coast or not, the easy breezy simplicity of beach living can be yours everyday! Create your very own beach house inspired design by following these fun and fuss-free design and decor suggestions. Inspired by a recent West Vancouver home renovation, we show you how to enjoy a coastal aesthetic year round:

beach house inspired home renovations north vancouver


Incorporate subtle nods to your favourite beach locale. If you are lucky enough to call a beach front location home year round, aim to bring the outdoors in. If not, simply follow the same logic by utilizing items to decorate and accessorize that emote a sense of beach living. Complete your home renovation with classic finishes, weathered materials and muted, natural design selections. Washes of whites, blues, greys and shimmering metallics can be included liberally throughout. Add shine and translucence, weathered woods, moody marbles and “sea sand” like finishes to complete the aesthetic.

beach house design - home renovations vancouver


Try a monochromatic infusion of blues and greys coupled with fresh white, cream and taupe finishes, pops of metallic lustre and bursts of complementary colour. Approach colour selections with confidence. Incorporate colours inspired by nature and a beach setting and those consistent with what one would expect to find at the beach – sun, sand, water, pebbles! Think sand dunes, waves, mesmerizing sunsets and lush vegetation!

home renovations north vancouver


Consider durable and easy to maintain fabrics that don’t compromise on visual or textural interest. A general rule of thumb when selecting what to include in your room makeover is to follow a theme – a similar colour palette unifies the design plan but different textures and tones offer interest.

beach house design - home renovations North and West Vancouver

Furnishings & Accessories

Be obvious and deliberate with your accessory choices while still being subtle. Does that statement sound like an oxymoron? How can I possibly be saying that you should be obvious and subtle with your selections at the same time? The secret is to be focused in your selections. Simply include pieces that are inspired by beach living without being too literal. The goal is to incorporate hints of coastal living, nuggets of the ocean and all that we love about the carefree lifestyle its shores offer without filling your home with buckets of shells and tons of grains of sand.

home renovations north vancouver
home renovations north vancouver

Little Niceties

Bring the outdoors in with little niceties like fresh flowers, orchids, succulent and cacti arrangements, driftwood selections, and feather and shell art. Try including candles and finds of crystal, glass, faux coral, wood and lucite. All elicit the feel and ambience of the beach and the sense of relaxation being there brings without being too forced.

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After all, life’s a beach and you’re invited…now go catch your wave and decorate with abandon!

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