Colour Me Renovated!

The Last Word on Colour

Incorporating colour is one of the simplest (and most enjoyable) ways to customize your home. Colour can be used to evoke emotion, represent mood, titillate the senses, and unify and translate a design plan.

Saying goodbye to “builder’s white” need not be a stress inducing exercise. After all, what’s the worst that can happen should you find yourself questioning or down right loathing your first selection? Simply pull out the colour wheel once more and begin again!

From grounding black, moody burgundies, lusty purples, rambunctious reds, calming blues, punchy yellows, and those “stable greys” to angelic white and whimsical pinks, the options are limitless.

For the cautious at heart, a tried and tested secret is to tread carefully by adding colour to a space with what we like to call the “easy change-outs.” Paint and accessories like area rugs, throw cushions, framed artwork and accent vases allow you to visit the colour question with abandon because they can be altered so easily and with relatively minimal expense.

Start by painting a single wall, and when feeling more adventurous, progress to include painting an entire room’s walls and eventually maybe even painting to highlight architectural features and focal points.

To elevate your colour experience, try including colourful wallpapers, surface textures and trimmings, furniture in contrasting textiles and materials as well as other interesting design elements like metallic finishes. The important thing to remember is that there are no mistakes when experimenting with colour – the sky’s the limit, there is no right or wrong, you are bound only by your imagination and adventurousness!




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