Making a list & checking it twice – Preparing the perfect guest room!

It’s the season of friends and family coming to visit – when readying your guest room for their arrival, consider the five “S’s” – scent, sight, simplicity, substance and sentimentality.  Fill their abode away from home with the warmth of the season and the richness of the senses (the goal is to make your guests feel truly at home and completely taken care of!)


Scent – include scented candles or room fragrance diffusers, preferably in your guest’s favourite scent, or one characteristic of the season like gingerbread or apple spice.


Sight – a beautiful vase of fresh flowers, a potted plant, an orchid or even a well curated selection of faux flowers adds a welcoming spirit and an inviting touch to any room – put a smile on your guest’s face every time they enter their room.


Simplicity – include items that are practical, functional and have a distinct purpose such as a variety of pillows, linens/sheet sets, extra blankets, throw cushions and a water decanter with attached glass. An abundance of hangers, storage options, a dresser, drawers, open shelve storage and perhaps even a luggage rack are nice little additions to any guest room. They are not only useful, but are also certainly appreciated.

Substance – include items that are guest centric and that reflect your guest’s preferences. Do they love a particular genre of books, or do they have a specific hobby? Books (with magnetic page magnets,) an eye mask, hot water bottle, hand warmers, lounging socks, and customized paper and pens are wonderful surprises to incorporate into every guest room.


Sentimentality – include niceties that remind your guest how special they are to you. Consider items that are inspirational, thoughtful and personalized. These include a container of your guest’s favourite candies, a cute trinket holder to store their valuables, a key chain to hold a copy of your home’s key (these may be gifted to your guest when they depart,) a vintage-inspired perfume diffuser to aerate their favourite scent and hair accessories for a little extra charm.


Consider the five “S’s” when preparing your guest room for this holiday season to create a warm, guest centric and inviting space without any fuss and stress!

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