Hostess with the mostest (gifts!)

It’s the Season of giving (and receiving) – Are you looking for the perfect host gift for every party, dinner, brunch, family get-together and soiree of the Festive Season?  Consider the four “S’s” – scent, sight, substance & sentimentality when making your selection to guarantee a standout offering each and every time!


Scent – include items such as scented candles, fragrance room diffusers or your host’s favourite perfume, scent or hand cream.  These are small offerings that go a long way to showing your host how special they are to you.  Sampler candle and perfume options are a great alternative gift if you are unsure of your host’s fragrance preference – that way each mini size product can be enjoyed while your host determines their most loved fragrance profile.


Sight – fresh floral bouquets, an orchid, a potted plant, succulent or cacti arrangements, a small indoor herb garden or even well curated faux flowers (for a host who has an aversion to floral scents or allergies) are always a crowd pleaser.  The trick is to tailor your offering to your host – if they are not an experienced gardener an alternative that requires less attention and care may be a better option.  Try to include trimmings from the Season like garland, fresh greens, Christmas ball ornaments or battery operated LED lights.  For an extra special touch, include a beautiful vase with your floral gift so that your host can reuse it time and time again and think of you each time they do and not have to run around searching for an appropriate vase during party prep (an added bonus!) For the avid baker and chef, an additional option includes a lovely tablecloth, dinner placemats, linen napkins or a monogrammed apron.


Substance – include items that are host centric.  Does your family member or friend enjoy a specific movie or book genre?  Do they have a particular hobby or interest that you can tailor an interesting gift around?  Personalizing or customizing your gift to showcase or represent their interests is always a welcome surprise.  Options include a quote from their favourite movie transferred onto a canvas, a signed copy of an adored book, and adventure or experience based gifts such as an overnight dinner and hotel date, a scenic flight over Vancouver, theatre tickets, dancing or photography lessons, a dinner cruise excursion or even sports tickets.  If splurging is not an option, consider a more economical alternative.  A tray of homemade treats prepared with love – include an unique container and the recipe for an extra special touch, – a basket of offerings from your own garden, a bottle of wine paired to your host’s favourite meal, a curated collection of items for an at home spa day, or a product that is specific to your hometown (visit local stores or artisan shops to locate an item.)  


Sentimentality – Again, tailor your gift to your host.  Try inspirational offerings of meaning to your family member or friend.  Examples include a photo, enlarged and framed, an engraved gift like a compact mirror, business card holder or paperweight, an experience based offering where you and your host spend the day doing something you enjoy together, or simply, a beautifully hand written note expressing why your host is loved and valued in your life.


We hope these little tips and tricks help to ease the stress of finding many outstanding gifts this Holiday Season and bring countless smiles to the faces of their recipients!!

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