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Are you looking for a spa-like bathroom retreat boasting all of the latest features, innovations and finishes, but are afraid of experiencing the common pitfalls of any renovation – exorbitant and growing budgets, undue stress and inconvenience, forever expanding timelines, an array of tradespeople coming and going in and out of your home, and a myriad of finishing and design choices? 

At renovateme!, we provide our clients with a fully integrated design/build service from concept to completion where your dream bathroom can become a reality in a just few easy steps.  We collaborate with you from start to finish to create a fully functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing bathroom masterpiece that you will be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.  Our integrated approach to our renovation projects includes a commitment to create budget-friendly, time-sensitive and fuss-free bathroom renovations that never compromise on quality, substance or style. 

We work as a family to provide our clients with a personalized renovation process that includes all trades seamlessly and consistently communicating, coordinating and following through on each aspect of your renovation.  Those responsible for the estimating, planning, design, construction, finishing and styling of your renovation are in-house and available throughout the process to implement the design plan, troubleshoot, innovate and problem-solve. All necessary materials and finishes are individually curated for your project and brought to your home without the need to travel to multiple showrooms.      

renovateme bathroom renovations north vancouver

Your new bathroom in a few easy steps:

Getting to know you:

Through our complimentary site visit, we learn more about your family, your needs and must haves, preferred colour scheme and any other details you wish to share.  We tour the project site and discuss your renovation budget and desired timeframe.


Preliminary estimate:

We will prepare a preliminary design of your proposed bathroom as well as a scope of work, detailing all aspects of your bathroom renovation including all work performed by any subtrades, and an estimate for all labour and material.  Subsequent changes and variances will be managed throughout the project accordingly.  Updates could include a bathtub to shower conversion, walk-in shower build-out, free-standing bathtub, heated flooring, towel warmer and single or dual sink vanity.


Discussing your proposed bathroom outline:

At our second meeting we will discuss the preliminary design and proposal, answer any questions you might have and discuss any changes you may wish to make to the preliminary outline.

If we have met all of your expectations and you wish to proceed with the renovation without any changes we ask that you sign the offer and remit a 5% deposit.  If, on the other hand, changes are requested we will include these in a revised proposal and present this to you at another sitting for your approval and acceptance.

renovateme bathroom renovations west vancouver


In cases where your bathroom renovation requires an enlarged footprint and the removal of load-bearing walls, City permits need to be applied for.  We can undertake to produce any drawings and documentation required to apply for such permits on your behalf.  In addition, where your home is governed by a Strata Council, we can assist you in obtaining their approval for your renovation.



On acceptance of our offer, our in-house design team will proceed to finalize your bathroom design and select all of the relevant material choices at no additional cost to you.  These include vanity choice, countertop and faucet options, backsplash tile, door pulls/hardware, flooring and wall colours – brought to your home for your consideration.  In cases where semi-custom vanity cabinets are chosen, samples of door and drawer fronts will be presented.  There is no need for you to travel to multiple showrooms and display rooms to source or procure the necessary materials and finishes.  Larger items such as sinks, faucets, light fixtures, mirrors, tub varieties, towel warmers and toilets will be presented visually or virtually. 


When do we start:

A start date for your project will now be scheduled and we will proceed to order all of the necessary materials and components required to complete your bathroom on time and on budget.

renovateme bathroom renovations north vancouver

Before we start (and during):

Construction is messy and noisy.  We will protect your home by laying Ram Board over hardwood leading to the work space, Carpet Shield over carpets and cordoning off the construction area using clear poly screens to mitigate any debris and dust transfer and reduce disruption to your day-to-day living arrangements.  The work area is cleaned and construction debris removed on a daily basis.


Let’s get started:

First order of business: demolition – out with the old to make way for the new.  Once the space is cleared, the new bathroom is laid out and any new plumbing or electrical is marked out.  Now we get to work to create the bathroom of your dreams.  Plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, vanity cabinet, countertops, backsplash, bathtub, shower and toilet all proceed as per the design.


Recycling & environmental considerations:

Instead of sending all demolition materials to the landfill, we will carefully separate items such as drywall, lumber, metals and cardboard which can be recycled.  In addition, items we feel can be reused will be donated accordingly.

renovateme bathroom renovations west vancouver

Celebrate progress:

During construction we consistently take photos to chronicle the renovation and mark progress – these will be featured on our website, social media feeds and as advertising/promotional material and of course, for your very own “brag book” to share with family and friends or on your social media.



On completion of your bathroom renovation we will arrange a walkthrough where all aspects of the project will be described and any special feature operations explained. 


Peace of mind:

At renovateme!, we proudly offer a 24 month guarantee on our labour.  Materials are covered by the manufacturers’ warranties.  If failure occurs, we will do all we can to assist you to resolve the issue.

renovateme bathroom renovations north vancouver

Getting to know your bathroom

An often overlooked detail: when designing and building a bathroom, what is below the surface is often times more important than what you see – the “cosmetics” – and greatly influences the longevity of the build.  The installation of waterproofing prior to building a shower or tiling a “wet area” is key.  We recommend Schluter-Kerdi for waterproofing and Schluter-Ditra as an anti-fracture and waterproofing floor membrane prior to tiling.  Waterproofing membranes protect your investment by guarding against water penetration and subsequent issues with mold, while decoupling membranes limit unavoidable substructure movement which can lead to cracking grout and tile delamination/breakage.


renovateme bathroom renovations west vancouverrenovateme bathroom renovations north vancouver

renovateme bathroom renovations west vancouver renovateme bathroom renovations north vancouver


At renovateme!, we don’t only build bathrooms…we create dream bathroom retreats

Floor to ceiling and everything in between.


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