Scented clothing pouches

Now that you are spring cleaning your closet at the change of season, why not include some of these scented pouches to freshen your closets, your clothes and your mood!


What you will need:

Dried lavender

Favour or craft bag


Lavender scented pouches

Strip dried lavender flowers from stems.  Dry your own or pre-purchase bunches of dried lavender stems from your local florist or specialty grocery store. 

You can substitute the lavender with rose petals, potpourri or add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for an extra boost of fragrance.
Lavender for scented pouches

Place flowers into a favour or craft bag purchased from your local craft store.  You can make the pouches yourself by stitching pieces of fabric together and fastening with ribbon.
add Lavender to the scented pouches

Once filled, tie ribbon to secure.
Secure a ribbon on scented pouches

Decorate with a sprig of lavender and ta-da!! 
Sprig of Lavender to scented pouches

Quick and simple; an easy way to add a wonderful fragrance to your closets, clothes, linens, shoes or sporting equipment (and a little bonus: lavender bags can help repel moths/small insects)
Gorgeous Lavender scented pouches

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