Any way you slice it!

Looking for wonderful, tasty and, best of all, super easy to prepare nibbles to tide your family and friends over while you put the finishing touches on dinner this holiday season? Why not try our fabulous charcuterie & cheese plates?


There is no need to be fussy or picky, simply build your boards around your favourite meats, cheeses and accompaniments.  Start by including meat selections such as Genoa salami, prosciutto, coppa di parma and dry sausages like chorizo and fuet.


Next, include a variety of cheeses – soft, hard, mild & sharp.  Try gouda, chevre, brie and white cheddar.


Add mixed nuts, dried or fresh fruits like figs and apricots, and a variety of jellies, jams, mustards and relishes. Try a mustard aioli and red pepper relish to balance the sweetness of the fruit and jellies & jams.


Add crackers, mini toasts and a tomato, garlic, herb & olive medley (roast cubed bread pieces, sweet baby tomatoes, arugula, garlic, herbs and a selection of olives all drizzled with olive oil in the oven until incorporated and soft to create a deconstructed “warm salad.”)


Serve your selections on beautiful platters of marble, treated wood or glass.



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